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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ralph Patterson's Horrorwalker Experience

Dallas, Texas

My name is Ralph Patterson. I live in Copperas Cove, Texas and I have seen the Horrorwalker face to face. Although the Horrorwalker did not harm me in any way, it still scared the piss out of me and I still haven’t fully recovered from our meeting three years later. My nerves are all shot to hell and every time I close my eyes at night I see it standing there imprinted on the inside of my eyelids. I can even still hear its voice whenever I have the sounds of my life turned off and I am trying to relax. That voice is like nothing I have ever heard before – imagine gravel scraping over glass and metal. Or, something like that.

What’s crazy about meeting the Horrorwalker is the way it chooses to appear before you. I was standing in front of my refrigerator, actually reaching for the handle. In my right hand was a glass pitcher filled with orange juice. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever… it just appeared there – there it was... standing there, right in front of me, inches away from the pitcher. I gasped, then time and space seemed to vanish as my mind adjusted to this sudden intrusion. A second later, I was … aware… that I had actually dropped the heavy pitcher. It landed on my right foot, smashing into a hundred wet pieces. I looked down to see orange juice and blood pooling around my feet. I stood there looking at my foot, waiting for the pain that never came… because… I was distracted… because… the Horrorwalker presented its huge scary book to me!

It somehow forced me to read the too strange tale titled, ‘THE BUG IN THE TREE!’ My skin still crawls when I think about the content of the story. Who would ever imagine that a loud obnoxious Cicada had the potential to be a monster from hell? You might read that tale somewhere inside the horrorwalker.blogspot.com web site.

Its strange, you know… in retrospective reflective moments of thought about my encounter with the Horrorwalker one fact about my encounter stands out the most. I am still amazed by the strange fact that there was no odor emanating from the Horrorwalker. The clothing it wore, if in fact what I saw actually was clothing, looked like it should have trapped a lot of body heat. There was a redness mixed in with the blackness that billowed around it. I expected, maybe, the smell of sulfur… or something. And that scythe-like thing is an awesome sight. The menacing-looking blade looked like it was razor sharp. The handle had strange markings all up and down the handle. If only I could even begin to imagine what that meant. And the book of stories… how the pages seemed to turn themselves. It was all too weird, too surrealistic, and too sublime.

And then suddenly, the Horrorwalker was gone! I mean he was gone, like, vanishing right before my eyes. And then it was all over. All I had left from the experience was the memory from the story, the scary words it whispered to me before it vanished, this weird marking in my right palm that must have formed while I held the book, and a body full of wrecked nerves. Oh, yea… let’s not forget my crushed foot. It healed just nicely, but my mind is still not right.

From what I've read, everyone seems to react differently to their encounter with the Horrorwalker. Everyone sees, and feels, something different when they stand before him. Some people are filled with dread, some with fear, others are just confused. I think I am in the confused category. I hope I can shake this someday, but its hard. You want to know how hard? Well, just you hope that the Horrorwalker doesn’t decide to just pop-up into you life one day, scaring the crap out of you.